Member Of Sovereignty Council, Lt. General Engineer Ibrahim Gabir witnesses the inauguration of the new bridge cranes for the Maritime Ports Authority.


Member Of Sovereignty Council, Lt. General Engineer Ibrahim Gabir witnesses the inauguration of the new bridge cranes for the Maritime Ports Authority.


Port Sudan, 30-4-2024

Transitional Sovereignty Council member, Lt. General Engineer Ibrahim Gabir praised the significant role played by the Maritime Ports Authority in upgrading and developing port operations, ensuring alignment with global trade trends, and supporting the national economy.

During the inauguration ceremony of the new bridge cranes from China, financed entirely by the Maritime Ports Authority, in the presence of the Red Sea State Governor, several ministers, and the Authority’s Director-General, Lt. General Engineer Ibrahim expressed gratitude to the Sudanese government and people for China’s support through its companies operating in Sudan and their contribution to enhancing the Maritime Ports Authority’s performance.

He described the new bridge cranes as a real addition to keeping pace with global advancements and a qualitative leap in port operational performance.

He also commended the public and private sector partners operating in the maritime field, including shipping lines, maritime agencies, exporters, importers, and employers’ unions, for their contribution to facilitating transportation and trade, achieving a zero percent waiting rate.

He expressed condolences to the martyrs of the Battle of Dignity and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded.

Transport Minister designate, Engineer Abubakr Abualqasim, highlighted that these massive bridge cranes will significantly contribute to port development, increasing capacity, and expediting loading, unloading, and cargo handling in record time.

He affirmed that despite war and blockade, his ministry and the Maritime Ports Authority are working diligently to overcome challenges.

He revealed that in a month’s time, there will be maritime connectivity between the River Port of Halfa and the Port Sudan via the Halfa-Port Sudan railway line.

Captain Mohamed Hassan Mukhtar, Director of the Maritime Ports Authority, expressed gratitude to the Authority’s staff for their dedicated efforts and bearing the expenses of crane imports through their hard work.

Engineer Nader Mohamed Ahmed, Director of the General Mechanical Engineering Department at the Authority, stated that these cranes and engineering equipment feature state-of-the-art technology in control, speed, performance safety, and the ability to handle the latest container types, surpassing a capacity of 18,000 containers with the ability to handle over 22 containers and reaching a crane capacity exceeding 125 meters in a static state, enabling them to handle the largest ships.

He emphasized that all specifications and tender processes were carried out by Sudanese expertise within the Maritime Ports Authority.

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