General Command of the Armed Forces Press release


General Command of the Armed Forces Press release

Saturday, 11th May 2024

In line with its familiar pattern of weaving lies and fabricating facts, the Daglo terrorist militia today issued a statement claiming to have repelled an attack carried out by our forces against their mercenaries in El Fasher.

The armed forces would like to clarify that it is the militia that launched the treacherous attack on Friday, 10th May, on our forces in the eastern part of the city, as well vandalizing the power plant and shelling neighboring residential areas using artillery fire which led to the death and injury of civilians.

Our forces and the joint forces from the Juba Peace Agreement who have sided with the nation repelled the attack and inflicted huge losses on them which forced them to retreat. They simultaneously issued their false statement in an attempt to falsify facts and pin their known crimes on others and to gain sympathy of the international community at a time when we have seen their repeated attempts to mobilize mercenaries and criminals from different areas and tempt them with money and loot to launch this failed attack on the city of El Fasher. They’ve also repeatedly threatened to attack the city through videos they themselves have posted.

This familiar behavior of lies and deception by the Daglo militia and their cooperators has become their trait since starting this war against the nation and the people of Sudan who are aware of their falsehoods and untrue claims.

The armed forces and the joint forces would like to confirm that they will continue to defend every inch and infrastructure of the nation and all citizens of this country as their constitutional duty until this country is rid of this criminal militia and their cooperators while strictly abiding, as professional forces, by the norms of war and rules of engagement.

Victory from Allah is near

Office of the spokesperson of the Armed Forces

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