For the Homeland By M. Salah Ghariba – Egypt Hawiya Writes a New Epic in the Battles of Al-Obeid, Abu Gibeiha, and Tendalti Um Ruaba


For the Homeland

By M. Salah Ghariba – Egypt

Hawiya Writes a New Epic in the Battles of Al-Obeid, Abu Gibeiha, and Tendalti Um Ruaba

A New Lesson in Sacrifice and a New Chapter in the Legendary Steadfastness
A legendary day in the history of the valiant Hawiya, a day in which our heroes wrote a new lesson in sacrifice, and opened a new chapter in the chapters of legendary steadfastness that is added to a series of 65 decisive battles in which Hawiya did not lose anything.
On the axes of Al-Obeid, Abu Gibeiha, and Tendalti Um Ruaba, the fires of heroism flared up again, and the sounds of victory echoed to shake the foundations of the rebel militias and warn them of a new black day.
On this glorious day, the Hawiya heroes achieved a great achievement that no one expected except for their believing hearts and strong determination, as they achieved all their set goals and expelled the rebel militias, tightened the noose on them from all directions, and became very close to securing Al-Obeid Airport, that dream that terrifies the rebel militias and those who stand behind them in the international evil circles.
They know very well that operating Al-Obeid Airport practically means slaughtering the rebel gangs in Greater Kordofan, Central Sudan, and the borders of its west, and that this will be the final blow that ends their malicious dreams and buries their dark hopes.
But the road to victory was not paved with roses, but was paved with the blood of the martyrs, wounded and missing.
As the people of Sudan in general, and the people of North Kordofan in particular, bid farewell with patience and acceptance to a good number of martyrs and wounded who fell in today’s battles, their blood will, God willing, be food for their nation in its holy battle against the rebel militias and their hunting dogs from traitors, collaborators and the weak-hearted.
The leadership of the rebel militias will weep for a long time over the heavy losses in their officers who were killed today, as they thought that fighting the Sudanese army was a picnic, so they returned dragging the tails of shame and defeat.
They will find the Hawiya heroes with the same courage, bravery and defiance, they are the men who were purified by 65 battles that they fought bravely against the Janjaweed militias, during which they tasted the scum of the rebellion various types of fighting and the heat of the fire of their arrows that never fail.
Indeed, a victory from God and an imminent opening thanks to the sacrifices of our brave heroes, and we will continue to move with steady steps towards achieving the final victory and eliminating the forces of evil that threaten our security and stability.
Congratulations to the Hawiya heroes on this great achievement, and long live Sudan free, strong and united.
And the torch of heroism will not be extinguished in the hearts of our heroes, and we will continue to struggle relentlessly until we liberate every inch of our beloved land from the filth of treachery and betrayal.
We salute the spirits of our righteous martyrs, and we reaffirm our pledge to follow in their footsteps until the final victory.
Together towards a new Sudan, a free Sudan, a united Sudan!

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